Saturday, January 17, 2009

Avoriaz skiing day

We finally got to try a new ski place which is called Avoriaz, which is very close to Switzerland. When skiing here you can just cross the border and ski on the Swiss side which is kind of nice. Just make sure you buy the ski-pass for entire system and not just locally. It is called: Portes du Soleil. One little sad thing with this place, is that the Swatch Skiwatch does not work here like most other ski resorts in Europe. Also the magnetic card you can get, cannot be returned. So make sure you keep it if you buy one :)

Starting off slowly to do some warm up, since it was pretty windy on the top and cold. Doing some reds and blues in the beginning just to try out the area. After a while we decide to get a little drink somewhere. The father of Muriel was quick to get the drinks to us: Beers, Rose Wine and some Lemonade. Sitting here in the Sun was just great. After a while we all continue down the slopes to find a lunch area, since it is getting close to 12:00. When the stomach says food, then you just need to get a break and eat :D

After lunch we just continue all of us, Roger & Muriel, Peter & Marlène, and the father of Muriel.

Here are some more photos to enjoy:

The adventure continues...

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